Marcia Arrieta

element wilderness
element time

blossomforth birdstrong







the doors are the sacrifices are the lives are the pleasure

branches into river into light into the dichotomy of language

sounds & migrations canyon trails

the breath the blanket the pen the oak

yesterday the computer crashed & the dictionary assumed its place

alternative bridges ireland england scotland spain

gather the words

concrete forests void examinations underneath sleep whenever whatever postcards
catalogues blocks surrealist voices hysteria curiosity

notice the philosophers or the blue of blue collaged birds or drawings to affect
artistic affirmations street of reality genesis portrait without any motive

minimum the unplayed notes of rain notes of footsteps reverse the haphazard echo
references: chairs, music, pocket watch, stars

presence the mind dust the chessboard remove the door over the railroad tracks—
a sentence maybe two



fire dragon rain intrepid light

details introspection

warrior identity broken mosaic time

theory coherent intangible

relativity: dandelions stones trees


poet, artist, bird

seeds       —         within the labyrinth

blue stones at stonehenge

a line of white starling clouds

is the quest the same as the flight of the hawk?

Marcia Arrieta's recent work appears in Bolts of Silk, Eratio, Blueprint Review, Alba, & The Marco Polo Quarterly. Triskelion, tiger moth, tangram, thyme—her first book of poetry—was published by Otoliths. She edits & publishes Indefinite Space.

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