Mark Cobley

confession : # 37

hurt is little more

than an orange flower

that we enter

my house you are so beautiful

i love you

i saw you in my doors . apricot

the other night

you were in the woods . my watch

by the stream . oak leaved


mother was sleeping

pumice stone

blue bread bin

i eat a cake

she eats a biscuit

the dog eats a car

exterior becomes interior

never in retrospect

a good idea

so i stood outside pretending to be a river

ignoring birds . hawks . falcons

swoop on

the fruit bowl

and pencil sharpener

confession : # 6




kitchen things

i am wounded

i am hurt

in the hut

in the green garden

in the bakers

by thousands of pounds

and wedding album

and the sun is shining on it

and you are sat in the shadow

with a beach towel over your knees

Mark Cobley's work can be found in Department, Sunfish, Parameter, Great Works, Soylesi Poetry Magazine (in translation) and others.

He has two books The Flaming Man, (Arthur Shilling Press, 2010) and 40° 38′ 51″ N 73° 58 11″ W, (Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2010) and appears in Eighteens - an anthology of 18 poets (Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2011).

He edits The Red Ceilings Press and the Red Ceilings blog.
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