Michael Brandonisio

White Everything White

Everything goes white. Snow white. China white. It goes white. White. White goes everything white. Pure white. Virgin white. Full moon white. Like a light goes white everything goes white. White like clouds. White like ice. White sky white. Crystal white. The skin of your teeth white. White blue-eyed devil white. White album white. Dead white. White like vanilla on paper white. White on white. White hair. White fish. A white envelope. A white feather. White lightning. White strobe white. The afterlife white. Eggshell white. Cabbage white. Cueball white. White sand white. Gauze white. Soap white. Everything goes white. White noise. White heat. Milk white. Silk white. Sperm white. White sugar. White salt. White bread. Cream white. Those white telephones in 1930s Italian movies. White on white. White curtains. A door, a room, a chair all in white. The White House. White foam white. Wedding dress white. First Holy Communion white. White like water white. Coconut fruit white. Banana fruit white. A flower arrangement all in white. White lace. White wax white. White as a ghost. A table, a vase all white. A white car. A white guitar. White rabbit white. Tom Sawyer painting a picket fence white. A brick wall white. Everything goes white. Steam white. The white of your eyes white. Bright star white. White flag of surrender white. The great white hope. A white scarf. A white shirt. White pants. White hanky white. White shoes. White gloves. White wine. Vodka white. Champagne white. A white lie. White textures. The end of the tunnel white. White doves. Toothpaste white. White porcelain. Wavelength saturation 1 = 0.3 equal energy white. The white in Maxwell’s chart. Rice white. White like glue. Caulk white. Aluminum siding white. Bone white. You lay your head on a white pillow on a bed covered with white sheets. A spectrum from white to white to white. Constant white content. White everything under the sun white. White mountains. White stones. White horses. White on white. Blank canvas white. A dozen white roses. Carte blanche. White smoke signals. A mist white. A ship white. Woman wearing a white fabric wading into a white ocean. White lab coats. Antiseptic white. Mask white. X-ray white. Peroxide white. The spit from your mouth white. Venetian blinds white. Pale white. Mr.& Ms. White. Generic white. Organic white. Atomic bomb exploding white. White rays white. Styrofoam cup white. Vertical white line. Chromatic white. Horizontal white. Oblique white. Marble statue white. You dry your wet naked body with a white cotton towel white. Imagine a white piano. In the beginning was white. Paint it white. Cocaine white. Anti-depressant white. White on white. White words with white ink. Everything white. White, all white. German shepherd white. Rain white. Zinc white. Lead white. White goes everything white. White stain white. Everything white goes white. Frosted mica white. Stucco white. Face powder white. Neon white on a dark street white. Everything white. White sleepless night white. Chalk white. Even white goes white. White vibration on variation white. Whiter than white. White goes everything white fading, fading goes everything white fading, fading to white

Single Pigeon

Michael Brandonisio's recent work has appeared in PenSpark and Word For/Word. You can view more of his artwork here.
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