Toby Fitch

Inter Alios

(after Aeschylus)

We fall
for each other / like clashing
colours / the sun at
centre stage as we orbit each others’
hearts / drunk and adored /
libation bearers all / sneak up on each other /
aloof but obsessed / snake at
suck on breast / both victim and vampire / we imbrue
and invade / brood then turn pink
as it brews within us / the way a glass of milk turns
from one drop of blood /
into an ambulance / en route to a mop-up /
curdling in the grave
we inter each other in / suffused
and swooning /
aliens besotted with
the sun.

Author and musician Toby Fitch was born in London and raised in Sydney. His chapbook of poems, Everyday Static, was published by Vagabond Press, 2010. His first full-length book of poems is forthcoming in late 2011 through Puncher & Wattman.

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