Ana Viviane Minorelli

Doll in Me

Eve and Adam

From São Paulo, Brazil, Ana Viviane Minorelli is an artist photographer. She also is a playwright, actor, educator, and social activist. Her exhibitions include group shows “Family in the Heights” and “The Art of the Photograph,” and a solo in Australia entitled “The Ultra Violet.” In her classes on photography, Minorelli combines meditation and visualization as a way of initiating new ways of approaching and perceiving one's environment.

She writes: "Piet Mondrian once said 'The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.' This phrase always comes to mind during moments when I am photographing. The images, forms, and colors that I capture show themselves as being at home in the street and everyday situations. Only when I am able to synchronize with my subject do I fully understand that the act of shooting pictures represents an encounter with, and recognition of, what is a right moment. The moment of inner and outer creation. And to keep them synchronized is my goal to life, the place I want to be."
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