John M. Bennett and Thomas M. Cassidy

endo sucks

my flag

roof tick suit


Thomas M. Cassidy aka Musicmaster is a fixture in the international smallpress/mail-art community and his works have appeared in hundreds of offbeat publications, and solo and group shows around the world.. He began archiving mail-art in 1973. He has shown/performed at dozens of colleges, universities and galleries across the country, is a member Patrick’s Cabaret Board and the Cheap Theatre Board, both in Minneapolis; and he has participated as a performer, artist and producer in the Minneapolis Fringe Fest since 2002. Recent publications include The St. Roller Coaster Poems (Musical Comedy Editions, 2009), ONDA (with John Bennett, Luna Bisonte Editions, 2009), Xerolage #44 (Xexoxial Editions, 2009 ), and Vispoeology (Minnesota Center for Book Arts, 2007). His doppelganger has held the same real world job for 28 years. He owes his sliver of sanity to his beautiful and tolerant wife, Dawn, and their two deranged children.

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