Michael Andrew

mexican in a car park

                jelly n imbus -
    j uicy ◊ green
        w i t h gelatinous
         b a n a n a

      h earty z       en la u      g h t                               er
         s      t       reet s of h ea     dford

      cosmic chunks                               gently..........

and she said old style cola; not pepsi or coke. no one wanted to invite irene; she constantly talked about alaskan pipelines and other inappropriate things. my mouth was dry longing for root beer. adrian longed for seaweed and irene. by this stage he only left the house to buy phone credit, to text her, and pork products, to eat. only time he didn’t need phone credit was when brendan loaned him a mac. only time he didn’t need pork products was when denis loaned him a horse. chet reminded me of juniper. four wheeled drive almost abandoned. rangu teenager, with wellingtons, seeks entry. doesn’t notice the trailer. with lack of access decides to enter shop instead. flies are starting to gain an advantage, again. all adrian complains about is gaa. chains are temporary solution to much bigger problems. not willing to wear a witty remark on my t-shirt; instead will wear slogans that express strange love for c&w, jesus and fat broads with died fire red hair. these matters john likes to remark on my status as a friend of israel. can they not wear something other than sports wear? longing for root beer. quietly wishing they would mistake my freckles for either: quails, isosceles triangles or stars. thinking they would all pile into the red van. presuming that their yellow tree air freshener smelled of pineapple or lemon. of green? apple or pine. thinking the blue was new car smell. red was fish-finger. john put breadcrumbs in his eyebrows and climbed up the railway embankment. adrian stayed at home watching walken in a bond movie. brendan mowed lawns. and of denis? oh, he got me a root beer from the novelty sweet shop across the road from the german food joint. it was all innocent fun. fun that is until adrian invited irene and her strange comments concerning alabama mud flaps.

Michael Andrew is a full time student at National University of Ireland, Galway, studying Philosophy and Celtic Civilisation. His poems have been published in Blue and yellow dog, shamrock, mancini press, guerilla pamphlets etc.
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