Awa Loizeaux Zag

Awa Loizeaux Zag has been creating these cyberdelic cut-ups on and off since about 2001.
The source texts are from his own writings.
He founded Awkwardist Productions in 1994.
The group is a fictitious conglomeration of identities, all his own.
Some of these personas include: Drenniadverci Ligermoise, Alison Lune,
Niz Banter, Memory Three, and SÆomulci∝ Gonn≥c.
Each has their own technique and idiosyncratic style.

For other examples of Awkwardist technique, please visit:

(?) St. Ætheldrytha's weaker
the text archive of SÆomulci∝ Gonn≥c

the abstract photography of Jme Gugginø

Awa Loizeaux Zag
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i like a lot the way this invites the mind in by the way it looks

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