Julian Jason Haladyn

Coffee and Bees at Mawa

we sat and watched imitation stars
sleeping through a history of life on other planets

                lost in a city of historical building
                lost in small books on Arabic astronomy

neon stores and stories about bees
Jamelie made coffee each morning

                capturing what could only be cartoon laughter
                capturing irresistible planets within an optical park

visions of other worlds
artistic creations no larger then existence

                with text covering much of the lower canvas
                with domes of museological splendor

lights projected and voices remembered
many a word got lost that day

Response to an Impatient Process

metal cut in lines and curves
forms without intrinsic meaning or patience

                reminding me of ink on paper
                reminding me of what I don’t know

simple ideas waiting for me to find them
they are easy to miss in this textured aporia

                mediations that live like symbionts
                mediations recalled through a mechanical slight of hand

wheels are turned and the knowledge is transferred
stacks of imitation events lost speculated upon for centuries

                saved from oblivion by sheer reproducibility
                saved by remembering to invent a new calendar

words drying in a sun centred universe
impatiently waiting for the revolutions to end

Julian Jason Haladyn is a Canadian writer and artist living in London, Ontario. He is the author of 17/13 (Blue Medium Press, 2007) which includes his own artwork, the chapbook Convulsive Hotel Dreams (Trainwreck Press, 2008), and 12 Bulls (Blue Medium Press, 2007) which again combines his text and artworks. His poems have appeared in numerous journals, as well as in the collections Nuit Blanche: Poetry for Late Nights (2007) and Crave It: Writers and Artists Do Food (2011).
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