SJ Fowler

recipe #1

// a pale of boiling water

// a cup of fairy liquid

// a fully healed

// a faceful of homemade
burning phosphorus for our
vietnamese neighbour

recipe #2

// a toothbrush

// a bisected bristle

// a twinned razor blade burrow

// a slash poured
2 lines sliced into the skin
puurr – penn – dick –ular
and so neither cut can be stitched

recipe #3

// a 2 watt lightbulb

// a nonce anus

// a gobbet of saliva

// a bowel shredding posthumous punishment: a remember how that kiddie felt

recipe #4

// a potion; a cocktail; a portion

// defecant, micturant, expellent

// vomit, shit, piss & blood

// soupy vengeance, a facemask for guard mortensen, and, of course, an aids test

recipe #5

// a new fish soup

// trade of human life for cigarettes

// werewolves, passing the curse

// I have facefucked women so why not weak men?
o life ruined ape relentless nightmares

Steven Johannes (SJ) Fowler (1983) is the author of three collections Red Museum (Knives forks & spoons press), Fights (Veer books) and Minimum Security Prison Dentistry (AAA press). He is the poetry editor of Lyrikline in the UK and 3am magazine. He is a full time employee of the British Museum. www.sjfowlerpoetry.com www.maintenant.co.uk www.blutkitt.blogspot.com
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