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Is revolution no more than the shifting of containerised units of theory from our warehouse to local corner shops?
                                                                                          — MD

Distributivity doesn't write, it packages.

Distributivity doesn't write, it handles shipping.

Distributivity doesn't write, it creates container-forms.

Distributivity packages poetic elements into particular container-forms and distributes them.

Distributivity is the fastidious containment of form within particular praxes of packaging and transportation.

Distributivity does not locate significance in content.

Distributivity is the inability to communicate the poetic outside of the particular container-form that packages and distributes it.

Distributivity is the honed significance of the container-form over the alleged significance of its contents.

Distributivity is the jettisoning of words (content) if necessary in order to enhance the poetic qualities of the container-form.

Distributivity creates the shape and momentum of container-forms, it does not focus on remembering or being aware of their contents.

Distributivity often courts amnesia, sometimes demands it.

Distributivity has no authorship other than, at the time of this writing, its proximity to capital.

Distributivity is the post-writerly creation, transportation and poetics of container-forms of all shapes, sizes, uses, matters and anti-matters in a sense that is analogous to the way poets create and transport words and stanzas of unlimited forms and neologistic-asemic (etc.) possibilities.

Distributivity is the awareness, development and logistics of the shape and momentum of the container-form considered as composition.

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