Javant Biarujia


my dearn i want to sing the sarong of Dorothy Lamour
not on my parade Here Comes the Bride
the rayon son cannot waiter posthumous fame to achieve multiple
organzines — “the brandy tastes woody

tonight” Lana turns a tonal trick
from caviare to caveat — “that s where you get your
lammie fingers passion burned dolly Dorothy”
in tenue de soirée fallalery the pride of Lammermoor


red along the edge karma taxicab gelatine
rayon volvulus padded constellations chamber pot
shadow purple a grain of sand boom! mountain air
better than going out in the handwritten moonlight

plexiglass chimeras fait accompli transcendental
elapse staccato porthole psychic conjurations
undiluted sleep jushi sylvan retirement
shallow quinsy coracle haphazard lateen


what would the neighbors think of Marilyn Monroe?
i mean Praxiteles? quick! the rain on my pelvis
voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir like trumpet
strumpets better than Georgia O’Keeffe on my mind

hop-la! Venus you got it! doop-de-doop-de-doop-
de-doop servicing demotic Yippies on Pan-Am Pax
“I eat charlotte russe mousse after sex” says Elvis
Denver youth specifically Dial S for sturgeon roe!


        In memoriam Robert Mapplethorpe

polaroid rage Flowers lascivious psoas
maimed tutu Dominick conniptions Molinier
more exquisite than papillomas “Hold it!” voilà!
the fatally eleemosynary psalter on the world

from the sauna floor this mirror this cestus a whore
dressed as a bishop (nolo episcopari my ass!)
girdle or boxingglove my heart or your Sausalito?
polyester suited and garbed in feather boas

Javant Biarujia's new collection of poetry, Resinations. from which these poems are taken, will be published by Otoliths in the next few months.
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