John Pursch

Chocolate Stasis

A plethora of rosy bibliophiles
hunches in the smokestack pages,
crunching syntax and metronomic
mobiles of jury-rigged schematics,
cruising the synaptic slush fund.

Clapboard loons filch fulminating
rockets from ordinary options,
putting minnows and frozen propellers
into depth sickles of underfed newlyweds.

Class control dips chocolate stasis
through pain bar collusion,
bruising the unfelt amateur's
appropriated distance.

Residual gestures flip
handles on every cordon,
spinning oaths of wickered sideburns
and true, torrential meaning.

A trickle of grappling light
filters to partial feathering gongs,
impressing tiled, dendritic oxen
with slewing yawns.

Clocks slow, reverse, and come to a boil;
yardsticks expand to greet the in-laws
and foolish conductors shout
ambivalent street cartoons
at all the petrified, indulgent fumes.

Rodcam Stentor Jook

Aspulion dan coulan prelia
ent marniopt erdge pental frem,
whidge horumential prendufax oth erm,
enential hendor flen.

Troo jamber, sterpy ontumin,
coramutine dor ming alide,
amarble phence juram tunapil,
escruden ontim hem careet.

Edgater sluid coudgle yommers,
dentis phran ar ganticule;
spem a cubam quar gamanel,
hophan embar spence tophoon.

Ard mentid, carumential stoun,
odge yout orackin wemt chinnople quead,
gonter stynage, perumender phloofy
rodcam stentor jook.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Breadcrumb Scabs, Calliope Nerve, Camel Saloon, Carcinogenic Poetry, Clockwise Cat, Counterexample Poetics, experiential-experimental-literature, Four and Twenty, Indigo Rising Magazine, ken*again, Orion headless, Poetry Sz, Puffin Circus, The Rainbow Rose, and vox poetica. You can follow his work at http://twitter.com/johnpursch.
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