Steve Johnson (camera) and Cecelia Chapman (editor)

Stills & outtakes from PreDawn

["8 outtakes from one week of video march 2011 ... during which we were warned of tsunami, surprised by tornado, while swinging close to full moon super perigee or supermoon. (supermoon, march 18, once every 18 years. tsunami sunrise, march 11. tornado dawn, march 18.)"]

(music by Jeff Crouch)

Steve Johnson, a surfer, sends Cecelia Chapman, an artist-filmmaker, dawn-patrol surf and weather cell video for collaboration purposes. Both live in Northern California. PreDawn is one of eight films from Danger Archive with Steve's video and Jeff Crouch tracks @ http://www.ceceliachapman.com
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just to say, enjoyed these a lot

12:45 PM  
Blogger cc said...

Thank you!!

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