Tim Wright

The farmer has floated in the grounds

The farmer has floated in the grounds. It has taken his children.
have slept (docilement) the cows,
into sectors the sheep and the horses you see. The boy
has been called Karl.

It has kept l'âne you go up. It has given (=him)
the hay. L'âne keeps that eats the sugar.

The dog Karl is into garden. He is big and powerful.
It is shattered the flowers.
Karl declares the afer in operation
and strikes him with this. That gets off dog exceptionally.

The sun is hotly also clean. The bees hum and fly the flower
in the flower.
They keep the honey. Karl l'? the

spider does not see. It is big and. It has turned a Web. Keep
With your work you it has begun already. Me
my clock has shattered.

Has your uncle a [anipsios] given him clock? You
it has drunk your?
and j'? it has eaten already my bread and the honey.


took his chocolate box clothes off it was time for the bad news
the roman cyclist arrived with clinking lapels out of breath
at the breakfast table every bike trip was epic going down the creek
pretending they hadn't arrived heard the lovely weather sounding
off the roundabout escalator onto the stiles between verses
misty eyed security tumbling warmer where we were before
over something glazed and pethadine the musician makes a simile
allowed to appear well trained in public remember what happened
a druggy why do we only go where we already know towards
0 new messages two different senses not before linked
driving or grieving in bed the estimable lightsout


club during the day mistook his nurse for his barista
carved with teaspoon beverage dental care poster on fridge
having carried on like a falafel the nature strip wars were over
what was that instrument that curved at the bottom and came out
a local fire alarm takes its place as if arriving through fog
it was something you couldn’t send in a text but attempted to
nostalgically sinking coins examining things that looked like drugs
the days were never how do you say to be underestimated
there was the one who said shut up a lot not much else
sky chopped up like a weekend with newspapers
scenic metal balloon disappearing over fences

Tim Wright lives in Melbourne in a house backing onto a train line.
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