Vernon Frazer

Interim Gridlock Wheeling

Meaning Baskets in Heat

Vernon Frazer has published fourteen books of poetry, including the longpoem IMPROVISATIONS, and three books of fiction. His work has appeared in Aught, Big Bridge, Drunken Boat, Exquisite Corpse, First Intensity, Golden Handcuffs Review, Jack Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Moria, Otoliths and many other literary magazines. His most recent books are the longpoems EMBLEMATIC MOON, RANDOM AXIS, and the visual poetry collection, Panels from IMPROVISATIONS (Series B), and the ebook *, available on Scribd. His web site is http://vernonfrazer.net. Bellicose Warbling, the blog that updates his web page, can be read at http://bellicosewarbling.blogspot.com/. Frazer is married and lives in South Florida.
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Blogger Raymond Farr said...

Great job with these.
It's like you wrote them on a jungle jim!

6:00 AM  
Blogger Vernon Frazer said...

Thanks, Raymond. I composed them while wearing a safari hat.


6:29 AM  

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