Yonah Korngold


circle around all of these ghost noises, around the slip of the fall, around a slow
photograph or a spot of recklessness,            there are pictures on the red brick wall of
the same place that is right across the street                pair that with window panes,
picture frames, and sunglasses, and it's a constant looking through
               the shop closes early.

slip forward past the curve that goes full circle but doesn't seem to turn a thing
around          eyes drop in                   it's a clip show and not even a new episode
everything is underdone, hanging way too close to the ground                chopped focus
I'm swept off the floor like a tour of all of NY in all of 35 minutes
               the apartment stands still        he's on a tilt         but who isn’t impressed by these sandwiches?

there's a man in full peacock attire shaking his legs to a song that the band had
already finished playing         small dogs lock and collide    cities slip into each other
               this park plays big                  flick a year                    windows on the subway
pitch black moving past         a sloppy pause and the piano is unsettled.

click over the paper fold         click over row homes                click over the wall between
the ocean and the sky                click over those two shades of blue that avoid each
other for most of the day before agreeing on night         two-thousand miles away
the country blends into the highway.

Yonah Korngold is a writer from Philadelphia. His work has appeared in Otoliths 15 and 18 and on the music blog merryswankster.com.
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