Raymond Farr

Giving Coins to a Dish

A man takes a photograph.
He leans north of North Pole.

What does it mean:
Giving coins to a dish?

I am selling bananas.
Their fix on the sky just doesn’t seem real.

It doesn’t ring true.
Us driving an Audi.

We are wooden as time.
Coaxial by nature.

Our astrolabe cottons two.

As doubt.

We got Gumby on piano.
Don’t step on the clutch.

On the Word of a Stranger No Argument

My hamster smelled of halibut but took the pellet from my friend

According to the level of stress we each brought with us
Screamed esophagus tears piled up like dirty laundry bags

Everywhere I washed I hung up a towel
The elements were simply complex ones

We denied ourselves the torment of riddles which others solved for us

& on the word of a stranger no argument
I licked up the last of all four flavors

No one could eat sassafras like it was going out of style

Per person we were the happiest we’d been
Tv crackled from the hair dresser’s parlor

My self-image did one of two things

As though machined codes existed in random transactions
I lasted all night in the second hand novel bin

Used every bit of that second hand novel bin to play violin
Like Jack Benny

I got behind camera eleven but didn’t misspeak
Gloria who spoke southern mist poke

The pool room in truth gets little attention from the college

What is it that ART is an object?
I’m guessing it’s a double helix you’re selling me

& my my what beautiful self cleaning ovens we have!

When Eddie said bruise the peaches & I’ll kill you
He meant every syllable took my breath away

I twisted an ankle on those stairs

Several irrational Iroquois later I took up the rug to look at
The wood underneath

Some Shadows of San Salvador

As mental space
Is a process of elimination

Half solemn posterity leaks in clandestinely
Inching bootleg reality exists off

Someone speaks caught halibut
At the edgeless drive
To dad

Someone else is wiser
A river of millimeters

Same as dad

& his isinglass that peals
His onions without


It’s yummy here in my house of quiet day dreams

The house sags as it reaches—

Wobbly ampersand
In glass tubing

As dad arrives dead
A little boozy

In a box that was one long beat
More often than not

His appearance skewed
implausible dragonfly drone & hover

Much like his shirts
On as he sleeps
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