Calvin Pennix


Why do people look into each other’s eyes?

She holds a portfolio folder. Sitting. Staring. People move past her. Some in real time. Some in slow motion. Her stare is focused. Aimed down. Toward nothing in particular. She sees nothing in particular. Missing the particular. Noise surrounding her is muffled. She can hear the nothing at hand. She hears nothing at hand. She was someone you see. Someone you forget you see. She drops something. Doesn’t realize she dropped it.

                                             In the vein of a gadabout

                                                            there’s a seeking

                              a roaming

for a constituting as an individual subject

               a reality both

               as a form of lingering

                              a turning

into an inadvertent direction

                              This place carries the resemblance of […]

from this high up

Calvin Pennix holds an MFA from Chapman University and lives with his wife and daughter in Mission Viejo, CA. He is currently an instructor at Everest College, where he teaches Algebra, Composition, American Literature, and Critical Thinking. Calvin's first poetry collection, Grounds, was just recently published by Argotist Books and he has had his work appear in UCity Review, A Few Lines Magazine, Unlikely 2.0, Counterexample Poetics, Ishaan Literary Review, Truck, Peacock Online Review and Mad Hatters Review Blog.
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