Adam Trawick

“I miss the her of her hum”

Leather wide elbows
converse much       ,
if to arrive in the arrived


Of used lips
ivory awe       ,
onto fellow of other rainbows


I, is jovial back blackness

Side even her recaps table
lonely open
all said before,
with crew doorman there she spent her day.

Day busies ahead of love
caught prior to 62 walks

I spent, quickly


She wife California


Pocket herself each that lead me to her mouth life

               –gathering at the slips       ,

our feeling case gratitude


I seem welcome     , but
reflected always apart


Vivacious pearl is as what young her long gratitude


She welcome and cheerful, with appreciated

                              –since 1958


Say from say welcome hands,
those of a ready street love gloves


Longer she lobby the inside attentively

                              –across in void

of the grasp of her thigh

that of I         ,
seem departure
into hands and important drapes I pull to was few as is night


Time            , with first fellow           , lays busy           ,
now pay to no tuxedos
with corner out at both hands                ,

I shake        ,            casting a cab.

Table            ,        on left

               to our nook    ,
               yet right never was our years


Table                ,
waves of such a table        ,

how attendance only hosts a spot                ,…

laid on been and her leather weather left last


She weather left and out                ,

where the rendezvous blues gestures on her smile knows
no dream unwelcome by stride                ,
and to those by steps for seems they shuffle to her hum                ,

and times open spill could host minutes                ,

picking hugs over oranges;

               –gloved but, the offer always shuffles
before smiles seem to bill            ,
               –freckled with blues        ,

we for the yet to down


Quickly            ,

is her left wave glance
where white could make way to her show night                ,
her out palm      ,
to her gloves      ,

those be single night satisfaction                ,

it has her breaking right hands


We                , after since                , miss crossed gloves.

I on the surrounding purses bitterly                , and the glistening guide first corners to her yet                , in before slight                ,
I upholstered a Friday wide rooftop


Feel the every                ,
and work a show to make dwindled anxious as I chap


After our down lines of want on wonders,
I have little rise eager fingers                ,
and city wine                ,

                              –offer Pinot


Friday                     ,most yellows                ,
watching                ,reach towards each glass of deafening satisfaction


Her I and eyes even stubborn                ,
gloved to the pearl she walks down                ,

gloved if long fishing the tugging denoting to tip with hand doesn't continuously wind her with every gentle spill of ivory                , even to grasp blacks.

Everyone hands                , anxious reach ,
such as conversations to a chap.

Offer miss aiming freckled palm to everyone of touch                ,
shielding about the thumb

                              –always bruised

welcome the wife of a new                ,

and your old


Kiss away the company                , laid up of her shielding take and see ahead
the cab times arrive                       , one and satisfaction.




Few gentlemen work watching deafening town on a Friday of ambers and smiles.

Adam Trawick is a 24 year old English (Intensive Studies) major, currently residing in Columbia, South Carolina. He is in attendance at Midlands Technical College until spring of 2012, when he will return to USC and finish his Undergraduate degree. He then plans on getting his Masters In English literature/ Creative writing and will continue on for his Doctorate.
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