Andrew Taylor

Don't worry, the receipts will turn up

No doubt in notebook

take shade surface bubble
rest place

Doorway temperature
corridor air-conditioned

Green fade middle line
lane straddled

Light low sundown
back to work room
back home

Wednesday Lilac

Scout a location
       red light cuts
like a painting

Steffan says
through the mist

lake less reflective
grey scale

a kind of fairytale
       a magic

no movement


Twitter Mist

energy of the place we had it to
ourselves feel the force of nature falls
covered by mist like a coat draped
grey with the drop emptiness

Andrew Taylor is a Liverpool poet and co-editor of erbacce and erbacce-press. His latest pamphlet is The Lights Will Inspire You (Full of Crow: Oakland) and was published in spring 2011. Poems have recently appeared or are about to appear in Poetry Wales, Red Fez, Mad Rush, The Ten Pages Press Reader III and Rain Dogs. He has a PhD in poetry and poetics and currently teaches creative writing at Edge Hill University.
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