John Pursch

A Standing Wave

Lawmen meander beneath city statutes, simmering in prolonged trees, sifting posse wealth, weighing flecks of sepia pattern mulch. Faces emerge and dwindle, coalesce, reveal and dissemble, fleeing perusal tomes, dusted to disintegration. Idiosyncratic ideologues spread gospel cookies throughout the pre-dawn bakeries, filching nuts and bolted pastries, coffee clan collection hints, and berry spread ejection tips, for sale to transients and hot lead traders. Foot traffic fills wandering street smells, withering the vacuous open seats, fueling convergence, serial in every moored handmaiden’s lace buttonhole. Pigeons direct proceedings, clog light bulbs, and search for philosophic solutions to inject between organic fingers and webbed ejecta, jetting from ledge to teetering tram. Sky colors readjust continual silence meters, masking white noise, shoving print above billboard blues. Effluvia float and filter through lunging origami flesh, pressed by innocence and consequential rain. Yellowing cabs page dusky chance connectors, help themselves to stale pasties, tire of the screechers, sketch a manhole’s path, and bore through uptown gazes, beating with the causal emptiness. Often becomes seldom, never meets the northbound train, and bland eventuality emerges unscathed, carried on a standing wave.

In Parmian Feld

Orbelimon itur embilen tanture quon smoon
or demanican mensher tephome;
spuntle and gamon tepable insachen
with coomin and torphinul dunian spoth.

Egenton coriat cruthian arcta hotcher
of umbian getch tamaroon;
spensat zeireinial oxtra det termian,
fust pemal custum duch bermy canute.

Prenyl octian weldge, quander mountia hemt,
when drein carpital bunctio spoolie karuthe;
etchyl actium harser achian treim moochle strace,
ond ormitous phlogger scoamantle palooph.

Enyl ryelight and oxian triphage,
por sountimian quendle splah,
inphlatous unden crine moanten ective,
anviar spreadiot, lookian phlume.

Arcudan tyren moun cedentia,
frex and whenchire pont whodirum snile,
con enera einerod boun flon temietal quot,
gemprian herbian spantium krudge.

Direclothia slushenter’s frockian helt,
pirona doon spoochicrapht renkle abelium,
prentonurat diltia’s carnfeli enjoodle,
argibial empreture in parmian feld.

Embodied Grist

Parisian mints flow, arduous and extreme, down cobbled alleys, ateliers abridged by contumacious cads and extra film clearings. Conspiratorial circus cleaners grow limb bark for chest extractors, goosing under gilded leggings, photographing new dendrites, captured in the seize of japed and tender monuments. Mass physical relocation, revolving on a cartwheel’s subatomic stencil, plants hardened logic amid the fluid indeterminacy, flexing a static identity’s cooling, ruptured meal. Identifiers spontaneously appear, labeling separations, supplanting anonymity, pinning us down, bringing up embodied grist, milling futures and pestles of pureed pasts. Emergence becomes a sea, waving through tidal shavings, mixing matter’s formal confluence with consequential flux, churning out a wake of sleeping entities.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Blue & Yellow Dog, Breadcrumb Scabs, Calliope Nerve, Camel Saloon, Carcinogenic Poetry, Clockwise Cat, Counterexample Poetics, experiential-experimental-literature, Four and Twenty, Indigo Rising Magazine, ken*again, Orion headless, Otoliths, Poetry Sz, Puffin Circus, The Rainbow Rose, and vox poetica. You can follow his work at http://twitter.com/johnpursch.
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John, your signature power. These read beautifully. Thanks.

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