Mark Cunningham


They said, “Our time is now!” but we pointed out their watches were ten minutes slow. When I said I hadn’t found one person with prophetic powers, she said, “I told you that would happen.” You don’t know you’re dreaming until you wake up, but many times I’ve dreamt that I’ve woken up. We finally made it to Land’s End, and then we discovered the parking lot out back.


She was legendary for relying only on her own experience. Our teenagers are looking to make their own late-night TV habits. The committee concluded that the print-out of his brain wave patterns still didn’t prove he was having real feelings, and he said that hurt his feelings. Her modified genes lead her to say “toe-mah-toe,” my modified genes lead me to say “toe-may-toe,” so we called the whole thing off. Well, I dreamed they were my dreams.


The enemy was just a bunch of stick figures, so they hid in the forest and we couldn’t find them. The panel said it didn’t know about space, but the formula showed the number of boundaries was infinite. He said the sky is immaterial and I said it’s full of dust and pollen and water and he said that’s immaterial. She was a ghost all right, but we couldn’t decide whether that made her a minimalist or a maximalist of being.


They said her credit card responded to the Magnetic North Pole, while her change responded to the Geographic North Pole, so they’d need both. I don’t like it when I’m sitting doing nothing and I see a vein on the back of my hand shift position.

Mark Cunningham's latest chapbook is Parrot in a Pirate's Hat (Ten Pages Press). A new book, Helicotremors, will be out soon from Otoliths.
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