Marty Hiatt

each rubber particle meets a different stone                mother says so no christmas tales                though maybe an exterior         of the spearmint pool i was supposed to sing             or dribble                before i get back to reflecting time ending kick-starting it                oh sorry cutting corey's lunch again            but we shd stick more minorities in the spotlight                cast them in our own guilt-ridden pantomimes                take it from me                i'll be good to you baby                at the apex a hollow we like to turn                haven't you heard? god is not great guns are        a lathe for us all to work              bang            but let's get back to political for a moment             g# minor                raga                bone marrow           beat box                split 7" banker       it's all right here                rarin' with rainbow mentos

i quit water i promise i'll take it up again tomorrow      but barbiturates can we?

that it hurts to tell
ich habe viel Mühe ich bereite meinen nächsten Irrtum vor

drop of oil on a great stream      n the smoke rising through the water mirroring its slick before they meet                passing a section the section penetrating recording       the arrowhead tips of the waves a star chart flashing                n the stench of molten blubber                n the dripping fire that lights only a tumid black flow                emery glacier      n the blind whole echoes celebrates itself its prismatic its manifold blindness                 folds like dough                n the creases vanish       have you seen the many mouths gargling in the swell? heard the ears spinning?      bristles wets itself wet for joy for terror       you can tell you can you can

you can

Marty Hiatt reads and writes. From Melbourne, he currently lives in Berlin.
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