Michael Gottlieb / Letters to a Middle-Aged Poet / 24


When do we agree to accept the generally-accepted ‘line’ or view or narrative about our times, our group, or, in the final respect, ourselves? …However that is denominated or delineated?

Who is it, if it is anyone, who decides that this is ‘the’ definition for us? Even if – or, particularly so – especially if that definition is no definition at all? If, in fact, our fate is not to be mis-defined, poorly appreciated or unfairly assessed or maligned, in fact – but, to the contrary, to be subject to something else entirely? If ‘subject’ is in fact at all the proper term at all. So, what we are talking about is not a relative lack of attention but, instead, a totalizing supernal disregard. ‘We are going to ignore you in entire, jointly and severally, every jot and tittle, down to your smallest instance and iteration?’ Then what?

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