Sean Ulman

Cashmere Gumshoe

dad’d pry prawn claws & ham bars off im. 2day rye 4 Ned. Eels, energy gels,
U’d get all n any off 8th St. Grocery/PI/Info/ guy -
clues rumors #’s fugues R his crown coins, but jackpot boxes –
wool pills, show tix, elk ears, elixirs, wax toys, oil inks
& the most exquisite silken plush pocket squares stitched w/
strawberries & flamingoes –
things proved to improve moods
was what folks’d stoop, slink & sly for.

Girl w/ Pepperjelly Beard

Her intro ode: elk bugle, frog w/ frog in throat, iced fog
(know: none owed nothing this nth go rd)
oval opal eyes splinted w pillared dew bars
1 cheek sungleam checked – 1 shadowed to cold wall
If u’d wait mute & doting
her blossomed waist’d twist, so the firm plum could gift
a lava blush,
a wish
a crush
a bluff

Nut Cart & Hip Cop

roast salt walnuts, crackle, sprinkled comfort smells
townies & cabbies toast melt oats,
“to eternal milk & marvelous harvests…”
↓ flu-fumed black-iced alley
a prop cop crops a stucco mural
(a desert seashore sprayed an artillery of color, bumped w/ bulleted textures)
holster jammed w/ berry jam, kaleidoscopic beatstick
mesh bag netted showerhead Mag-lite showering spotty light

Dry Ice Cream Man

snow tire cycle icicled to Douglas Bros Dry Cleaning
panier bins (cooler, fryer) basket dryer funneling laundry breath & cough

“Flavored ices, soft swirl & curly fries, fried ice cream, astronaut Crunch’s, swordfish sorbet, blue spruce sherbert, foam candy cones, snow, steam - all 1 price – introduce urself.

“Name’s Mackerpony. Ya know there are other gates fer stealing sud steam,”
a stooped she sheep/centaur shouts, slaps a starched wool rugby shirt to cement, peels a soap bar w/ a butter shear, “& 1 fish sorbet, roe sprinkles…
in a dish.”

Sean Ulman, worder birder baller server, is collaborating on a comic book spun from the mind of an elf poet protagonist. Poetry from that project has appeared in Blue & Yellow Dog, Everyday Genius, Mud Luscious and 13 Myna Birds. A slice of his chapbook Radland (Deadly Chaps) 2011 was nominated for a Pushcart.
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