Stu Hatton


on canal floats djs
mix genders fleshy
grins streamers the
pink drink for free at
pride parade: ‘prik
power’ (little self-
conscious holding
the can could be
the weed thinking
(feel thinking’s such
a feeling van gogh
such a seer galleries
as headshops (coffee-
shoppers did you
ever see the night
watch itself disem-
bodied like in-game
nulltime stoned to
the point of not
escaping red light
district which took
so long to find (yer
mother bites the ’dam
off as dirty though
questions of trans-
parency who wants
to be seen to be
free (via vondelpark
caught the last wave
of shrooms back to
the trees where we
fell back and back
(the reign of the
bicycle cult

into the archive

These the writings of someone who doesn’t
speak (to people), not wishing to dress
or undress a voice, to fail into. A
technicity of timidity as if stapled on
à la car abandoned atop skyscraper:
fictive? Else thrum of electrics, nerve-patches
syncopated to the point of liquid, hence
head dunked in glug-pond, saturated
with what – burstings, desire? AKA long-meant
regime of power-knowledge-pleasure-ick,
“in search”, tunnelling into the “we’re not
animals” meringue, tugging only these
retooled instances of display (cleaning,
etc). Decayed throughput: its lo-res,
pixellated terrain, surface spongy, starboard
mound o’ disposables (pepper sprays, beauty
inhalers, etc). Glee of banalities quells or
rebuffs “a pleasure to be endured”, proses
this, tensing the tribal abstract. Another
nightraid’s malicious code endlessly replies.

moral highchair

saved from that
head overdesiring
the guesswork’s
sure unsheer give
them 3 kilos of ghost
that should be
sufficient how much
they’ve spent on their
eyes losing like they’re
told the dead body
grazed on the bill-
board directed at
drivers overloaded
with i don’t knows lost
mission control those
careless astronauts

(for kat / props to laurent garnier)

techno is a virus throbbing
      munt-fodder glob stacker
     tractions bluffer venom jugger
    null compressor den richter
   scaled disturbor bots nicer
  loosed repeater stunblaster iris
 airlocks flooded spectrum gridshifts
glasstooth grinder misfitter stealth
 exhibit randometer spectre pulse-flare
  omicron-wasp fluid accelerant blissed-on
   spitter madcap courtships culted brinks
    cursives the roid belt unelected void
     shirkers strewn planetfall peak icebreak
      nano-roboscopic lifter phantasma
       grabby bloater carbonate blunted
        mined dark-end quicksilvery bloodline
         spewer cloned samsara salad flak

[? are you a numb]

them glib-feeders crunched debate [? who’s first hitter on the team] let’s care at least once [? that a glass ain’t waterproof] [? whose new look licks] washed our time with don’t trouble the radar ask us about lightweight a silken jigsaw done at the day spa [? seduced by precision] the dogbowl filled with toner a sun-enhancer

Stu Hatton is a Melbourne-based poet and editor. He teaches writing and editing at Deakin University. His first collection of poems, How to be Hungry, is available through Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/stuhatton.
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Blogger Stuart Barnes said...

reading 'amsterdam' & 'virus' has me searching high heaven for Berlinette ;)

4:48 PM  
Blogger Stu said...

Cheers Stu, Berlinette sounds like something I have to hear... must've missed it first time around. (In case anyone's confused, no I'm not talking to myself!)

3:24 PM  

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