Tim Wright



trestled insinuation glows
in time with the yet to arrive
reads the news collectively, the
facts fall out of your hand and bounce around
a maxed out sincerity
dragged sulkily into view
Darebin’s an anagram for something wearisome
collecting the difficult, felt drumming
tipped hat, boxer’s nose, blurred tattoo
near it, not rousing it. Not dangerous


tacit, warm, bellicose
they said you were going to Perth. They meant it.
grizzled musical accompaniments desist; goodbye, hello, goodbye, hello . . .
rested set of concrete fragments makes a totality
crested stanchions
a spelt tear – ‘it’s always awkward’
Euclidean metropole glow worm
Founded – grounded. Sparks assimilate the treetops whistled through
a boxed, noisome intelligence
as in, able to be parsed; walks out of the kitchen/shower


even tempered seagulls
they don’t all look the same you know
reveals a shiv; follow each other over the ledge
combed down intentions, coming into the city now

apparent destinations spelled out like we’re idiots
bitumen for the brain, treated air
machines for building other machines
theoretically they’re similar
plying their pathos up and down the strip
and given our inclinations


One of them strikes you as accountably mirthless
The second a cloud scraped off a park bench
He scones the issue lamentably
A field of detainees
Hang around intelligently the orifices
Capsicum spray sunset half of which
Plays musical chilblains skates the interior

As I am leaned on providentially
Entrances the lock into peerage
Variously outer suburban tic tac sheen
Comes in spilling Malvoleo onto the carpet
The correctible influence skulled down like a gourd
Suits the flicker in your chest which might mean something

Tim Wright is a postgraduate student and resident of the city of Melbourne.
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