Anne Gorrick

R&F Oranges

A                           Translucent
                              with the tonality of a deadened orange mass
slightly                 somewhere between cadmium and disorder
                              But in its low voice, a yellow-orange burning
orange                 Astonishing becomes lemony prolonged outside
                              A deeper, hotter, slightly orange version of yellow Naples
version                The French name is traditional

Mars: very very luminously red clearly / almost a rosary against darker colors

A                           Pitch, characteristic, translucent
                              a lump of disorder held down
lowvoice              But a low voice reaches out to a yellow time
                              a hot lemon taste outside of surprise
lemon                  Yellow, shine, Naples barely orange

The French name is former / Very and very bright red clearness, almost rose

Yellow                 Throw that characteristic translucence at a orange lump
                              somewhere between cadmium and wrecked orange held down
balanced             But a yellow orangeen low voice reached inside that color
                              the hot lemon taste in surprise
                              Yellow balanced darkly between red clarity, yellow gloss
darkly                  The yellow inside Nepal, hotter, hardly an orange expenditure, deeper

The French names for Mars / Much and much red brightens rose in view of a dark coloe

toward                 Orange informs phosphorus
                              Cadmium and a translucence unique
tulip                     between the orange that shipwrecks and the next orange
                              Consecutively hot in lemon, a looking away color
                              the low end of possibility can surprise
with                      Orangeen yellow, cadmium orange
                              Between a deep-red clarity, a balance that will go toward tulip with yellow in it
yellow                  Luster, Naples, deeper and hotter, hardly at an orange expense
                              The name
in it                       before France

Mars orange: vast and vast shines next to a dark color / like something almost happened

the                       When orange notices phosphorus
                              cadmium suffers from the unique perils of the sea
lowend                 between an orange thrown into translucence
                              When hot is looking like a vast quantity of time expanded
of                          when time tastes like lemon and becomes color
                              We are surprised at the low price of this sound
sound                   A tulip balanced against yellow, against luster

Naples yellow is not the orange expense nearly / Mars orange illuminates the dark like an exact sum

in                          An orange notice: phosphorus
                              When cadmium suffers from the unique dangers of the sea
front                     orange thrown into an orange group
                              Links to a translucent “s” color
of                          Hot looking, expanded, the lemon taste of time goes to color
                              Possible noise astonishes by the low price in yellow
the                        Between dark reds, completion
                              has and goes, tulips balanced in yellow and gloss
                              The deeper, hotter expenditures in Naples, ornage not almost
name                    The French in front of the name

Mars in red clear illumination, dark vast quantities / Sunk color almost the total color of a nap

A                           A phosphorus report
                              the way cadmium suffers inside the sea
                              The danger that binds orange to starting
                              Birds the top side of translucent
phosphorus        The lemon taste of time goes toward yellow-orange
                              Possible noises arrive by surprise
                              Between dark red and accuracy
                              Between the tulip and its gloss
report                   The yellows from Nepal

Large quantities of red, free photocopies / that sunk color

is                           Cadmium and phosphorus suffer their commitment to the sea
                              An orange flock of birds begin toward translucence
                              Their opinions are boiling hot, seem important in their quantity
darkred                The preference of lemon trees over time
                              Likely noises surprised by their yellow-orange
and                       He is darkred and precise like a tulip that exists in yellow
                              Yellow and her comments
precise                 before the French named Mars

Their important qualities darken like photocopies / His sunk color, his fishskin

its                         When cadmium suffers in its own separate sea
                              The dangers when orange commits itself to birds this side of translucence
own                      The opinion boils hot with an increasing amount of importance
                              The preference of trees to the lemon of time
separate               When color retreats into probably noises
                               Cadmium orange enters into blackness with its own red and necessary
sea                         conclusions

The way a tulip exists in yellow and in your commentary / East of Naples, orange is deeper in its expenditures

the                        Cadmium entrusted to orange
                              and how it suffers in its own sea
                              how orange teams with birds this side of transparent
yellows                There are opinions in important quantities
                              Lemon yellow, when time turns orange
in                          Taste the color that has been raised here
                              It resembles both noise and surprise
                              As for black, and its necessary conclusion: red
her                        When tulips balance on method
                              and the yellows of her criticisms
criticisms            The yellow in Naples before it enters France

A deeper, more orange expenditure of names / Free photocopies, not and color sunk

Rub Synonyms for Bad
(after my own poem “Kinky Vinyl” as suggested by Goggle)

Nimblewilled android pineboy
She suffers from brisket syndrome, mechanical suggestion
Kiss the snot otter in a hard hat
and then tell a story about your stuff
Antic dinky animation in a blue sea
The numerous definitions of pipes
Smirky and then there were fewer
Rash on hands or brittle bone disease on Nylon TV
Herpes travels to a science center as Brineshrimpdirect
The shape of milk knits a scene
Indeed India and Smokesmash Robinson
The skinny girl margarita IS the color of New Jersey
Or a shantybisque all inked up
Understones, understories
Stylistic devices describe a stiltsville for sale
Storkcraft or Storm King?
An Italian translation in insensibility, water loss, riskmetrics
She snorts Xanax, bath salts, Adderall, vicodin
Minks by the hedge, her pink blinker fluid
Atlantis, Atlantic City, Hersey Park, Bermuda, Bergdorf Goodman
And then Minty the Candy Cane fell down on the ground dancing to his Mintymix
Tiny chats under tiny umbrellas, skyrim and grey
Mistakes were made, there was brainwashing in Avalon on Singapore Airlines
Voltaire, iridium, slingbox, slime soccer, slipknot slinky
The wild, the gloss, the woods
Daylight savings, dictionary, dark spores
Spark notes, speed test, dried firewood for sale
Libelula dresses, skirt steaks, the history of pi
Iconic memory like her limbs falling asleep
Byzantine photobiographies of Nellie Bly
Temperature conversions and tremulous definitions rattle a Texas town
Here we have a machine entombed by lyric
or a lyric entombed by a machine

Starfish Slang
(after my own poem “A Gardener’s Rearranged Sun” as suggested by Goggle)

Robot unicorn attack regretsy
Not remotely steampunk
Whimsicle fuckery, dead things, grooveshark sanctum
Medea’s big happy family
Arsenal invincibles, injuries
Arrears Avoidance program
Enraged regeneration
Regalessia withings
With arsenic on the Etruscans footprints
Arson anthem
Solar anus, solar animal repeller solar and heliospheric observatory
The water club, the way she wobbles on aggressive skates
Agrees with the tomatometer, agrees with the moon
The way a mineral splits, grenade chords, learnscape
A slanderer’s bible for angry birds
Androgen insensitivity syndrome, reason #5
Addicting games adrenal fatigue
Gonads and strife, starfish slang, secrete squirrel, sneezing pandas
And ghost pouts, and death is no parenthesis, peshat and derash
Her hair was in a ponytail, danglesauce
Radar algorithms, algae rockfish, algae geek
Galaxy tab, gallbladder, Galileo, Galapagos
Anagram your anatomy
Deer antler velvet on an amortization schedule


                              Fury, silence feathers their throats
                              blackened in gasp
                              Petroglyphs burned into rock as wings
                              The silence and her throat
                              We establish security, discipline a constant temperature
                              The effect of gold opened to air

She requested rain to observe its function
Sand molted from her tended hands
With sung origin, while the rain broke above us
the hand curves
Origin sings as though it was broken in three pieces
How necessary is it for her to produce a rainy comment
on this place?
The deformation of sand, the curve of the hand
He was inside distance
but broken and happy, drying out on the stone surface

                              How much does it cost her to produce
                              the effect of rainy comment in this vicinity?
                              The bricklayer bird
                              How much does it cost to produce necessity?
                              Over which half is doubt written?
                              Where however sings you…

Later we’ll get wet
Sand and its remote hand
Distortion is interior
One half in doubt, you have been written
However sings your place

                              Will it be late inside the milk?
                              Clarity, order gives shape to the surface we ask

Description is fragile
Branches or claws in avarice
I eyed the smooth black of him
until he was indistinguishable from night
Glyphs unaccustomed to the stars

Description is fragile
Petroglyphs constant in the air if they use their wings
The smooth back of him, to her the night
Unaccustomed within stars
a slow panic softens the photograph

                              It was a brittle description in front of me
                              juniper, branch insertion, greed
                              Grease nozzle, throat feathers
                              The dark fresh water moves in crow flight
                              Their writing engraves the air
                              Panic softens the cradle

Avarice, noise, grease
Petroglyphs solve the problems inherent in writing
The slow stone makes this hovering beyond meaning basketsoft

How easily it breaks, this depiction of their vast quantities
I drive a nail into my finger
nipple sickle metal
Glyphs are flags in night, against me being smooth
But the slow rock is soft in unaccustomed acts of place
in manufactured panic

                              The beginnings of work attach to scandal
                              will know the poor conduct of darkness and cold
                              the poor guidance of density
                              The cry at the beginning of work, which is recovery stopping air
                              Written into the place, the night is strangely unlit

Lichen stopped him obstinate, a cold electric skin
She was invisible while people broke photographs overhead
A woman tightened against stone
a rose broken exterior
The stone breathing me to sleep
woken up, 3:30am, to piss at the stars

                              The spiteful are small confusions and sickness is wafer thin
                              Rose solves the outside being broken eyed in dispute
                              This stone thermal breath
                              which breathes because I sleep
                              The I evaporates

Confusion and illness are small and spiteful wafers
The sun examines us, a laughable gift
My hands are cool to time and night

Confusion and the bottle become the small precise wafer
In order to know him dark green
The I pressure, hardly
The monied cancer tooth, where the sun is funny
The company that manufactures the future
as a sesame morning

                              The dry swimming pools, descended and round
                              Oblique forms
                              While our elements isolate in these small flasks
                              still you form
                              in approximate dwellings
                              Our fingers read the mud in each other’s devices
                              Approval jumpstarts the sick person inside the mirror
                              Crow writing engraves the sky

Anne Gorrick's second full-length book of poetry, I-Formation (Book 1), was published in 2010 (Shearsman Books, Exeter, UK). The second half is due out in 2012. Her first book, Kyotologic, came out in 2008 (also from Shearsman).

Currently, she is co-editing an anthology of innovative poetry from New York’s Hudson Valley , and finishing up a few of her own manuscripts.
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