Bobbi Lurie

Sakshi Bhava

Bobbi Lurie writes: "I’ve written so many third person bios, supposedly about myself. These bios list culturally-agreed-upon accomplishments in the publishing world, used as fodder for the ego: my three poetry collections, journals I’m published in. If speaking of visual art, it’s a list of museums who’ve collected my work and whatever credentials inspire some image of someone attempting to claim “art” as a “profession.” It’s never about my years as a therapist or the things I’ve lived through, am living through. The only real thing to say is that art has been my refuge since I was conscious of being alive. If I wasn’t dancing or singing, I was drawing faces with eyes whose kindness I rarely saw in real life. My bio is about the obsessive activity of making art, living internally, creating an alternative universe; seeking a way to express my truth, my responses to the artists and writers I’ve admired, my responses to the world around me, in an attempt to initiate questions, introspection on the part of the reader/viewer; hoping to find a listener, a reader, a seer on the other end. Finally, I surrender: it has become clear to me that process, the moments of creation, and receptivity to the work of others, are all that matters."
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