Scott Glassman

Branches of a Family Tree

Every reasonable corner
Ceiling is captioned
Ceases treeing.

What hovers and meets horizontals
dampens the numeral, num-ech.
Cease though you claim

Is voluntary, insulated Volume.
A calendar’s margins. About this
Length damp lamp cease.

Table, nook—go again there
Wanting body and/or (a walk-in).
No is no, huh so Decide.

Cease will grow fond of it.
At least we are made up-uch
Of what we cease did/did not.

The ceiling is simply
Plaster angle met.
Opens a footnote

Begins the if: ‘One Sunday
On a Sunday as it, as it, as
they go on.’

Calculations of Damascus

. . . still later, in parentheses
Be careful of landings
The contents
In full and upright.
Here is your ‘Certificate of Excellence.’
Rising of a— Hand me that
There, there. La-la-la-la-la—
Cavern is still what
Sheds its C.
Avern is to amend
Really falls OMG

J&J’s Civil Physical War #34

1. Anaconda Plan

Winfield says:
Whatever he says . . .
There is, however, a theory
Of migraines, originally megrim but . . .
Port-to-port blockade (fuss and feathers)
           a) cobra charming
           b) deflect deflect deflect
Don’t tell me what I think.
Schrödinger includes a spoon.
A magician’s box ‘meow’
Path of the integral.

The Mississippi is the work
Of a cosmological constant.
I cannot believe—
Well, I guess. Try to visualize
The moment you open your mouth, eyes.
Several cases of nullification (flute in Jaipur).
Before someone knocked.
God is so obviously— it worked.
Goes without

Some names retain desirable qualities:
Perihelion advance, for example.
Long-term facility Hagerstown
A notebook of twilight
Blue as blao and bleu, ‘shine’
The goose what’s good for it.
What’s in Jack’s pail, for instance.

2. Eastern Theater

By direct observation, how we exchange
Declarations in the, in the, in the
What n equals (not yet). B Hill, Quad dormitory.
Niet, nunca faster niet, nun pendulum.
Spells of coming and going.
McClellan advances east therefore
Impunity rather than affection.
Clouds and fogbanks, a moon nursery.
‘Renew your transpass, your verschränkung’
Why the delay?

Like indivisible quantities, non-local delicates,
Renewable cottons. C Hill, a drum barracks.
Abandon the infinite potential well
(Collapse, stand, collapse—states of imposition).
In reality, Jill can never have 0 energy (E=e)
Nor can she sit still long enough
To count backward 10034
But she tries.

Everything ends—vinegar, carpal
Brown paper, patted dry.
You did this to me. You did—
Possibilities and ECishT.
Of considerable grace, the Shiloh mound
Is never disturbed, drek.
Jack came tumbling down
Laughing at
You did this.

Bull Run postscript:
Jack picks her up in Chickasee
It was an accident, clearly.
‘A victor, not a butcher.’

3. Western Theater

A puppeteer’s dream
Must cathect to—okay
Oh gosh do it carefully.
One night in
It starts over.
One night in
Louis and ‘A’ see-saw
In the gated arboretum.
Bicker, bicker.
Who’ll go first, second, third.
The scarf of Ib, coat of Sleut,
Corazón and sombra,
Hoops and hoops—substantial yo-yo.
There is no point to.
Could be gazuntite

Comparing surrenders while
Marches, marches, make it
Marionettes with their heterotic clockwise excitement
Eyewall bands and Wedjat’s
‘Do, make, perform’ IM

The Yazoo River
A sarcophagus (Notomys amplus).
Notice the earth’s
You have been with someone else.
Fermions and bosonics tend, um, to
The mechanism of zero size.
Cairo, I heard Don’t worry
Jack is asleep.
In his physical body, our anomic
Loose end confla-fla-fla

A better theory for hadrons
Take, as a point of reference
Kac-moody algebras, 26 collision-steps,
Octonions and Brie de Meaux
Challenging 1994 (good year?)
Bridges, bridges
      falling down
                they allege
If one att-acks, flanks
Objects, irrigation—
Right again
Good then.

Scott Glassman's most recent work is rock. paper. scissors (Ahadada, 2009). He is also the author of Quaternity, a collaboration with Sheila E. Murphy (Otoliths, 2009) and several chapbooks: Exertions (Cy Gist Press, 2006), Surface Tension (Dusie, 2006) with Mackenzie Carignan, Identity Crisis (Dusie, 2006), and G (self-published,2006) with Leonard Gontarek. He was selected as a finalist for the 2006 Iowa Review Award for Poetry and for inclusion in Best New Poets 2007, edited by Natasha Trethewey. His poems have appeared in many print and online journals, including Jubilat, Iowa Review, CutBank, 580 Split, Sentence, Marginalia, eratio, The Cortland Review, and Shampoo.
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