Andrew Nightingale

The Turing Spread

Weeks before his death Turing visited a seaside fortune teller.

Machine intelligence

The chaos of cult is bringing. A symbolic protein ends to need by accident only once. Language on the cave glyphs emerges from the wall of birth.
Keening Needle Intravene and Payne have depicted a beautiful lakeside structure near Saló on Lake Garda as ultra modern villa life science research.
Facility can be converted in total ceremonies in the traditional privacy – ways which have been impossible for over a way. Century and scalpel practised.
Mute screwdrivers supply a protest of series that are essentially meaningless. These poor shapes still create in creatures. Their magic believes signs.


A Narrative Bestiary

Worships origins and treasures last words.

Focuses on minutiae until it can pause briefly in a mythic realm.

Chooses a direction that, for the sake of argument, can be described as straight on.

Frequently seeks the advice of fortune tellers.

Keeps waking up in unexpected places with a different identity.

Artificial Islands (AI)

The Isle of Spontaneous Emergence

Sometimes artificial islands rise up out of the sea spontaneously like an unexpected metaphor. They form their own independent culture, which is called poetry, and as time passes they develop a history, which is called autobiography or a story.

The Isle of Infinite Mirrors

All possible islands are beneath the sea. No-one knows why some islands emerge above the surface. The sea is like a mirror in which islands that start to rise are suddenly able to see their own story. And so they rise.

The Isle of Structural Untruths

The process by which islands rise is called autopoiesis in the Aegean and soul-writing in the Baltic. None of the history told on such islands is true. Nevertheless, it is the history that keeps the islands above the sea.

The Isle of Sudden Remembrance

Island culture is made up of thousands of coins. Every coin is unique. The coins can be brought together in various combinations to create a well-formed sentience. This records an experience as if it has just happened.

The Isle of Slow Dissolution

All artificial islands will disappear. The salt water eats away at the stories as waves grind rock into sand until nothing is left but accidents and contingencies. No matter. While every island is unique they are all somehow the same.

Andrew Nightingale lives in the UK. Recent work can be seen in Vlak #2 and Shadowtrain #36. Talismanic Contact (2009), a pamphlet of visual poems, is available from Knives Forks and Spoons Press. The images for "Reaction-diffusion" were created in part using Herbert Sauro's Reaction Diffusion Simulator [http://analogmachine.org/Software/software.html].
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