Andrew Topel and Márton Koppány

Couplets — An Interview Between A.T. & M.K.

Andrew, please send me something word-centric, and I'll try to relate to it. If you make a claim I'll try to ask, and if you ask a question I'll try to respond. Then it is your turn...It could be a kind of mutual "interview" in reduced words, spaces, punctuation marks, images,signs etc. and their relationship... Márton (April 4, 2012)

a question for márton
a response for andrew

a choice
back to a choice

márton, what do you think of this idea?

old question for andrew
young answer for márton

almost a question for andrew
almost an answer for márton

addendum for andrew
addendum for márton

Márton Koppány is a Hungarian writer who lost his mother tongue more than thirty years ago and is still searching for it.

Andrew Topel is an American father who found a Hungarian writer who lost his mother tongue.
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