Eryk Wenziak

515 (Acrylic on Napkin)

Untitled (Asemic, No. 9)

Untitled (129 L-N-F VP)

bleed-through, No. 3

//RATIONALIZE.READ (Graphite on Xerox Copy)

Main Line to the Dead

1953C (Acrylic on Napkin)

Untitled (Asemic, No. 8)

Eryk Wenziak is a drummer, photographer, visual artist, and teaches management at the graduate level. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in: elimae; Short, Fast, and Deadly; Thunderclap Press; Used Furniture Review; HOUSEFIRE; Otoliths; Negative Suck; Psychic Meatloaf; Dark Chaos; Guerilla Pamphlets; Deadlier Than Thou; Connecticut River Review; Phantom Kangaroo; Blast Furnace; Pipe Dream; 52|250; Bending Light Into Verse V. 3; Exquisite Quartet Anthology 2011. He also serves as an editor at rIgor mort. US.
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