John Martone


bison's return

the beach


ancestral bird

pistil and stamens

the other tree

all constructions, found materials.

bison's return - 6x4x4 cm. - river shale, mirror fragment, atlantic slipper shell, seed pod.
the beach – 5x3.5x4 cm. – river musel shell, mammal vertebra, tooth.
mask – 18x11x6 cm. – river mussel shell, deer facial bones, mirror, bird feathers and foot bone.
ancestral bird – 4x5x6 cm. – river mussel and atlantic slipper shell. mother of pearl. feather.
pistil and stamens – 9x6x6 cm. – river shale and mussel shell, atlantic slipper shell, mother of pearl, mammal rib bones.
the other tree – driftwood, snail shell, mammal rib bone, lantern tree pod

John Martone's latest collection of poems is skeleton key.
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