Marcia Arrieta

Four Poems and Two Collages

the space between waves

your silence

shadows across the room

rhetoric in circles

lightening & spectra

the arrow     the storm

dragonfly, firefly

miniature owl internal logic conflict heart
transcendental board window light memory
endlessly determined to float evaporated instinctive
something nothing probably probable dismantle timeless
dismantle pretend over & over firefly, dragonfly

assemblage transition

translation guidelines pink rose dungeons & knights panic existence
journal paralysis landscape wondrous rare sunflower the art inner
outer archipelago distractions circuit poem collage possibly
the golden ratio resolves significance fisherman & bridge
waterfall sun & moon bookstore bird avalanche stories unbound




diagram art

moon & water

apart from the polar region

Marcia Arrieta's recent work appears in Bolts of Silk, Web Conjunctions, The Best of Toadlily Press, Blueprint Review, & The Marco Polo Quarterly.  Triskelion, tiger moth, tangram, thyme—her first book of poetry—was published by Otoliths.  She edits & publishes Indefinite Space.
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