Michael Ruby


                                   living11                                                                  dilate5


                                                         thingy9                                                  somnolence7
shadowing12                                                                                                               distich1



blue1 (radium2) (illness3)
sodomy11 (integrity2) poison10 entertainment3 vest4 authority1 braindead12 (elevator13) dimsun9 sable8 oil6 otherworldly7 race5
(inside1) race2 wrong3 sight4 sense5 person6 (eleven7) ate12 (red18) prace13 (telltale17) sense19 register20 illegitimate16 (soysauce21) breathing22 sue15 royce23 (solly24) (edgerin25) (answer26) (lewis27) (laundry14) (inside28)
bad radio3 blue tabasco2 the reality is1


                               For Janis Joplin

In this world frightening to design its own parallel topography for a left penitentiary
If you read the freezing registration
You got no one burning the armistice or disassembling the all true poose
You can count on timing modules outside the tiring region
Not even debonair plastic will boing Telesto
Not even the whole uninvolved triremes
Your own brother ultimates a blue terrace and hearts entire
If someone pours a thorough hamper to power the prime begister of philters
I’d say the best well to put for loose timpani
Git it broken for objective health picture
While you can propel fine baskets to reassemble baked pesetas
Git it breaded for telltale singalong to mine pioneers
While you can open for two policy ammunition and belief touchstone
Don’t you take to jiminy cornflake bother factory
Don’t you take to allied dominion for listened forge
Turn your back for hollow dredging to billow too omnivorous
On love the almighty primetime to excavate for billings
No, no almond for perhaps singing libel
No, no project under divergent pollywog or tomcat superstition

Don’t you know thingy-do sakes to personify logic wormeaten or berated
When you’re loving all house and corner prognosis to good wren
Baby the very drain halves the solvent purchase
You’re taking a gamble through the hill preface and monster factory broker
A little sorrow sleeps in a little room a little peacepipe a little horoscope
Who cares among a level begotten by the domicile tiedown
Baby bring this calculation for depths to buckle
Git it bagged on logical paradise of paralyzed sabots
While you can information in sand everywhere and nowhere
Git it on tooth to penmanship distilled listening
While you can dribble smells through birth control bildungsromans elephantiasis and
           spoor borax
Git it mistaken for birth parma
While you can breathe this nonnegotiable instantaneous blueprint
Don’t you stifle the very poiling first along soft ministration
Turn your back most inexplicable forward policy to breathe in heartbeat and ignore to examine
           the silly pillows of bonding savage packages
On love perform seven backflip position holograms
No, no, no the verbs peel legion dings

While you can round the purple distich for bright discipline
While you can belt a tiny bright tiny loud
While you can prosper the long pent-up reason to invent a holiday the decent tease to embellish
           foreign jollies doggone villa and

While you can lace the sang
While you can hold a business to iron or pell-mell semblance to birth opposite
While you can ball a berm of demonstrated howdy doody and burned registration for royal hind
           gold of building

Michael Ruby is the author of five poetry books, including three recent books from BlazeVOX [books]: Window on the City (2006), The Edge of the Underworld (2010) and Compulsive Words (2010). A sixth poetry book, American Songbook, is forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse in 2013. His trilogy in prose and poetry, Memories, Dreams and Inner Voices, is forthcoming from Station Hill Press this year. Recent poems and prose have appeared in The Argotist Online, The Brooklyn Rail and Drunken Boat. A graduate of Harvard College and Brown University’s writing program, he lives in Brooklyn and works as a journalist.
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