Paul Pfleuger, Jr.


Time was
an entirely democratic poem
walking its owner

(Lo, shall a narrative enter)

Man:           You are not who you are
                      until you’ve shaved with this.

Woman:     It’s a dress that no longer fits.

Something or other blooms
enough to escape
I’s, body, sense and all
sort of skipping through

the imagery
our holograms
the construction
sites around
words and things.

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.’s work has appeared in a number of print and online publications such as Otoliths, ARSENAL, Modern Haiku, bottle rockets, and Ginyu. He’s an English university lecturer in Taiwan and is the assistant editor of the online journal R’r. His blog is amidst vs. and he has a collection to be released by Redmoon Press later this year.
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