Clark Lunberry

Clark Lunberry writes: "I recently completed a commissioned installation at the University of Toronto, as a part of a conference entitled '(An) Esthetics of Absence,' held there in March 2012.

There were three sections to the 'writing on air' installation, all thematically linked to the conference topic of absence, and with each section involving prepared transparencies that were affixed to a number of windows at the conference site.

In 'strikethrough', one part of this Toronto installation, I played off of the oppositional terms of presence/absence with a series of images; each time, however, I presented the opposed term in a manner resembling, while slightly misstating the word in question—never quite getting it right.

A 'slideshow' of the complete installation, as well as other recent related 'writing on air/writing on water' installations, can be seen on my website: http://www.unf.edu/~clunberr/Lunberry/Toronto.html."

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