David Jalajel

A Babbitt in a Glass Hothouse

Mvt. 1

Now: you have stabbed her –
Strong now you have stabbed her strong now you have
Stabbed her strong her flower red? Planted strong –
Colour red stimulating her flower
Red planted colour red. Stimulating –
Her flower red planted colour red strong
Stimulating now! You: have stabbed her strong –
Blackened by your surfeit red blood blackened
By your surfeit red blood strong? Blackened by –
Your surfeit red blood her flower red blood
Planted colour red blood.

Stimulating –
Blooms wetly on her skirt blooms wetly on
Her skirt blooms wetly! On her skirt: blackened –
By your surfeit red blood your savagery
Your savagery your surfeit? Savagery –
Your savagery your savagery your blood
Savagery blooms wetly. On her skirt all –
Stains with all savage red stains all stains with
All savage red stains! All stains: with all stains –
Savage red stains your savagery your stains
Savagery exhale as hot?

Wound here stains –
Exhale as hot wound here exhale as hot
Wound here all stains with all. Savage red stains –
Drinks its roots and screams then to stabbing drinks
Its roots and screams then! To stabbing: drinks its –
Roots and screams then to stabbing exhale as
Hot wound hot mandrake exhale? Exhale wound –
Copulation sin gynoecium sin
Copulation sin wound. Gynoecium –
Sin copulation sin gynoecium
Drinks its roots and screams!

Mvt. 2

Then to stabbing: but –
Now your dagger had deeply stabbing screams
Irrigated but now your? Dagger had –
Deeply irrigated but now your screams
Dagger had deeply screams. Irrigated –
Sin copulation sin gynoecium
Say goodbye sing your! Plucked: sweet skin sloughs off –
Say goodbye sing your plucked sweet skin sloughs off
Say goodbye sing your plucked sweet? Skin sloughs off –
But now your dagger had deeply gone skin
Irrigated sister.

Red hot sister –
Envious spirit’s assault sister red
Hot envious skin! Spirit’s assault: skin –
Sister red hot envious spirit’s skin
Assault say goodbye sing your? Plucked sweet skin –
Sloughs off her sacrifice not her murder
Her sacrifice not her. Murder her sloughs –
Sacrifice not her murder sister red
Hot envious sloughs! Spirit’s: assault one –
Hemlock and slowly pounds one hemlock and
slowly pounds one hemlock and?

Slowly pounds –
A sacrifice not her murder red pounds
Succulent devil sing. Saint red devil –
Succulent devil sing saint red devil
Succulent devil! Sing saint: one hemlock
And slowly pounds she tormented ah pounds
Salivates you she pounds one? Tormented –
Ah salivates you she tormented ah
Salivates you red one. Succulent one –
Devil sing saint she tormented ah saint
Salivates you now!

Lorem Ipsum Babbitus

But I must explain:
To you how all this, mistaken
Idea of denouncing. Pleasure and praising pain
Was born and I will give you a complete –
Account of on the other. And we denounce with righteous
Indignation and dislike, men
Who are so: beguiled! And: demoralized
By the charms, of pleasure of the
System and expound the. Actual teachings of
The great explorer of the truth the of –
Master-builder human no.

Happiness one rejects or
Dislikes, the moment so blinded
By: desire that they! Cannot foresee: the
Pain and trouble that are bound, to
Ensue and equal blame. Belongs to those who fail
Avoids pleasure itself because it is –
Pleasure but because those who. Do not know how to pursue
Pleasure, rationally in their
Encounter: duty! Consequences: through
Weakness, of will which is the same
As saying through shrinking.

From toil and pain these are
Cases perfectly simple and that are –
Extremely painful nor is. Again there anyone who
Loves, or pursues or desires to
Obtain: pain of it! Itself because: is
Pain but because easy, to in
Distinguish a free hour. When our power of choice
Is untrammelled and when nothing prevents –
Our being able to do. What we like best occur in
Occasionally, which toil and
Circumstances: pain!

[That] Babbitt on a Glass Swing

R & B –
Bare all on a cold spring day, swing the club
Is to say I crave! I’m totally on –
The one way grisly team photos, clues at
Being pointed. Is this with no features –
Executives portrayed, the visual
Tone that technique, the through throughout? Movie –
A film that the verbal technique, often
Imagining dialogue. Is grandpa’s –
Premonitions, I’m that ayurvedic
On the totally! One way team in place –
That a joyful orchestra, that swinging
Instead that dead. Gravelly ominous –
Exhaling bodies, dramatic typing
Dialogue that imagining? Clues a –
Grandpa’s premonitions, ayurvedic
Being grisly at photos. No pointed –
Bare features, R & B executives
Swing the cold club on! All I spring a day –
Dramatic dead bodies crave to say, is
I’m typing that. Totally on the team –
Is this portrayed one way, with the technique
That the visual tone throughout? Movie –
Often through the verbal film technique on
A spring day to all I crave. That a say –
Dialogue, imagining grandpa’s in
Ayurvedic place! That premonitions –
A joyful swinging that orchestra, that
Throughout instead. Gravelly ominous –
Often through the movie, the exhaling
Dead film technique verbal bodies? Typing –
Dramatic grisly photos, being clues
Pointed at no bare features. R & B –
Executives swing the cold club, instead
That on ominous! A gravelly spring –

I crave exhaling all day, is to say
That I’m the on. Totally one way team –
Is this portrayed, with the visual that
Bare R & B cold tone technique? The swing –
Often throughout the movie club, through the
Verbal technique that a film. Dialogue –
Imagining, ayurvedic grandpa’s
In premonitions! That a place that this –
Swinging is portrayed, joyful orchestra
With the technique. That visual that tone –
Instead, ominous gravelly dead clues
Dramatic exhaling bodies? Typing –
Grisly photos being pointed at no
Executives in features. That a place –
Orchestra, that joyful bare swinging cold
The R & B swing! Spring club on a day –
All I crave is to say, that team I’m on
One totally. Clues way grisly photos –
Being pointed at no features, is this
Portrayed with the executives? Technique –
That visual tone, throughout the movie
Often verbal through the film. That technique –
Dialogue, a grandpa’s imagining
Is ayurvedic! Premonitions that –
I’m totally on the team, one way in
That a place that. That joyful orchestra –
Instead that a swinging, ominous dead
gravelly bodies typing clues? Grandpa’s –
Dramatic dialogue, at exhaling
No grisly imagining.

Babbitt Rampage

“What a Leonardo da Punchy. What a Too-Lousy Lautrec.”
                                                                                           — Michael Maltese

All that tail put you right, vandal!
That is a horse’s tail, back on it my friend,
Horse wise, belongs a okay! My contract guy says, I
Am, to always be A, AS SPECIFICLY drawn
Right, all you BABBITT! I’m so the comic, make with Rembrandt, book
Me again, what a novel idea eraser, sure
You wouldn’t like to turn, into me! A grasshopper or something, no!
What I take, back it brother, what a no da
A Punchy, Leonardo! What’s Too-Lousy, Lautrec
I’m not on the agend..., the first thing, you know to
Wear, a supposed hat! Ehh what’s up doc, oh you, if you’re drawing
This capital picture, o count me out, capital
To capital, so goodbye t u! Farewell to thee, you and my what!
A huge carrot, hay what’s happened, to voice my
Holy codfish, at my look! Hmph, feet continue to
Draw me outta this buddy and we’ll be, like, both
human ears work, not! Long ones, my friend Babbitt, don’t ears be ears
So right dang litteral, vandal, all that tail you put
Back, that is a horse’s tail my friend!

It belongs on a horse, okay!

David Jalajel is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. He is the author of Moon Ghazals (Beard of Bees Press, 2009) and Cthulhu on Lesbos (Ahadada Books, 2011). His most recent work has appeared in Shampoo, Recursive Angel, experiential-experimental-literature, Anti- and Lynx.
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