Matt Margo


(a short story will fill you in)
develops into their nearest states
it juliennes . . . tunnels to boot
glassfish sandman command sedan insinuations
sweetheart is the thing
green sanctuary offering splendor
naggers with bread handles
late-night detailed business statistics
skin art, melodies, obscure art, traditional art
bad yours truly kata fur
followed a honda for profit???
k(x) = transgression (ire/2)
into every way thinkable
birdsongs for the bitter ocean
slender dart virus
offensive blog, interests, news about me
instrumentalist daughter from japan
older than the last day
articulation of the deadened
videocassette game composition
one of the great geometers of this era
picture lining paper
there’ve tits, senseless to say
where to get in touch with him and he was consuming it
hoody cloak hidey heady buried hoi handy heady
my thoughts with paragons
seven mortal sins, ice white’s seven dwarfs
we have a lot in general
counseling typeface
rotten of the galley
a lesser amount of booming commercially
folds over each element in the scope
masterpiece through or in the landscape

Matt Margo is the author of When Empurpled (Pteron Press, 2011), Two Titles (white sky books, 2011) and Child of Tree (white sky ebooks, 2012). His work has appeared in such places as New Wave Vomit, Rem Magazine, Otoliths, and Blue & Yellow Dog. He lives in northeastern Ohio.
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