Rico Moore

Poecile atricapilla

                              The chickadees an alacrity of
               echoes—melodies echo her
                                             riverstone intelligence the page
a logic of identity you speak

                              her name
               echo thought your dream
                                             opens each gives way to its
another boundary drawn

                              around the riverstones
               contiguous with a chickadee’s call
                                             an open seam—an old
man sings as if you played

                              the strings a hundred times
I played the strings as river rose
                                             around my hut above the turbid
rush of waters rise into

                              a chickadee calls the willows hut
               the hidden lull
                                             the margin’s eyes a silent
earth the words surround

                              the river’s echo-flame et alia
               by the river burning
                                             stones into the
earth dreams open others in

Rico Moore's poems have appeared in Eccolinguistics, Boneshaker, Matter, Moria, and forthcoming in the anthology Divine Intimacy. He lives in Ft. Collins, Colorado.
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