Marty Hiatt


eye the light
cooped under torn nails
scrapes the throat
peal through crow dust

n a leer to barge neurons w/ a table
notta danger notta danger
mere délire de la rentrée

back at cabin tremulous
i flap marcescent limbs
w/ th giggly gloom
o th new broom shadows
my lapping its captious brush

ear the rings
o th distant slyph
bounding i th down i th duff

i slump sinister
bend to me slough
till set the lees


a tulip-shaped sherry glass
a resin from a mexican plant
an ecclesiastical sleeveless vestment worn in processions n at solemn ceremonies
a floating grog-shop for north sea fishermen
a class of very small marine crustaceans
a red malleable, ductile, tenacious metallic element
a small black british aquatic bird
a green sulphate of iron; green vitriol
a body louse

the dried kernel of the coconut
the course projecting horizontally on the top of a wall

Marty Hiatt is a poet from Melbourne.
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