Marc Jones


.meathe shared thruout a similar join unnamed half said less than undernamed from course under.

.on own own on two of two stays one with one between two so two ones and sand leaves one.

.if integrating stops a stopper in and stops integrating , just as the stopper integrates.

.bring it to almost say bringing can sand also to sand.

.some of sand is sugar cane all so stopped.

.the sugar cane also said what stoppers say when and thinks it is a verb and replaces tube or tubby.

.say and sand before pent also said what stoppers think and said although not the end part.

.pugilist similar to similarity stops pugilist knocked to similar.

.not a one swept sweeps of gouging out the spreadeagled.

.wind sideways before the rain and running for lessening stops gait but resumes.

.waiting till boxed spitting or pouring waving to wavers harder rain waves.

.take up beetles bottled and sand says both bothy says it is for following.

.if also sands stop sand stopping pent.

.bring also to a matchstick between an eye.

.gouging gouges thicker drops out slent.

.barter under and stoppers extend higher not closer.

.down to wait to sense.

.up to keel.

.quantity grates away similar.

.hear to hear it decline with magnetic dip.

.those slides lead to also stop impending before declining.

.after ate so also ask for more for more for only twice as much.

.nothing can sharpen but only outside pleaching.

.nothing can sharpen from way up and leave it like others.

.we know he never gets inside before he doesn’t higher next to all so let him avoid smaller rain for the bigger stuff cannot stop also.

.brief pen maze a smolt.

.pleas say back down to raise rain or sun.

.all the weight winks at the rain all winks are rain and
if sand calls also the drops from higher undulate.

.say it saying it or tell the also to sand creation or keep an open mouth even if small cane stops attracting the likeness of and also sand.

Marc Jones is from Sydney and now lives in Paris. Puncher & Wattmann published under dropping over, a chapbook, in 2009. Other poems appeared with redroomcompany in The Sun Herald and Tim Wright's Some Sonnets in 2010.
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