Roger Williams

National Trysting

or what's to theirs
hinting the lot
hits it

By Fall
few can caring
(eschewing Adam)
crown the caucus
the cork-like we
leaves then some

doting its rap
and its stalwart
as it ran
reamed collaboration
tutti again comes diem

Refer to this
as per-course
including drifting ripples
triples Swiss filling wholes of it
and more
Mer Mine
finest lest

finis has it
that for us
we spread into
the matter not as is
but fatter—
more co-app

Roger Williams lives with his wife, an artist and illustrator, about an hour north of San Francisco where he taught (mostly French) at San Francisco State University until his retirement in 1987. A long time before, he studied poetry with Ted Roethke and Louise Bogan and, for some forty years, set poems to music—Wilde, Patchen, Creeley, Merwin and many others. Now he writes these poems, but does not set them to music. Some are in: Counter Example Poetics; 6x6, #25, and a broadside; & Experiential-Experimental.

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