Ed Baker

#44   The Smoke

smoke rising from the grill as in the western sky

full upon her belly-blown   sun quickens in this

old man's mind.     I tell you, that there is a quick-

ness in her movements : the turn of legs, of hips,

mouth a little open, hands go into long-black-hair

and hung-down memories

#45   The Ash

she bit my lip   drew blood  the  taste I re:member the taste of

blood mingling  tongues into mouths the order to "switch off the lights"

I obeyed and the room, I tell you, fell into the folds of black hair as no-

thing was left out coming through the cracked door    a little open

revealed : the girl the woman had been directly in front of me then laughed

Ed Baker
born in 1941
here in 2012
everything in between ....boring.
everyday I draw, paint and write... some things 'work' ... some things don't .

-Stone Girl E-pic out, 2011 (all 5 books in one volume, 515 pps. paper-back), Leafe Press (pubs Alan Baker, John Bloomberg-Rissman)
-DE:SIRE IS The Knives Forks and Spoons Press (out now, paper) Alec Newman, pub


-sections of ARS POETIC HER recently published in Nigel Wood's SUNFISH: issues #6 & # 7
-She Intrudes Modest Proposal Chapbook, pub. Don Wentworth
-the original (long) version of SONG OF CHIN (done in 1970-72) found and put into a presentable form/pdf

now ? my bio is a bore... time to take a 5-hours nap get up in the 3 or 4 a.m. and just keep on with "it" .
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