Bob Marcacci

campagna casamassima

    in front of the house
   overlooking restored
  trulli          Putignanese countryside
suffused moonlight through aurora

dupe in the dark

   bedroom rope-a-dope
      after midnight toe-to-toe
 with door ajar

   groggy dream fades
                i make for the bathroom
       with my arms out

i know where walls should be
  approach furniture          corners
nothing where it would be
in my blind walk in blackness
   sleep and nightmares still cling
      in the breathing living-room
         i find my way
            feel the switch

seeing a woman i knew once

            the woman in green velvet under the archway adores truffles
                          moves in her evening
                                                                          down stairs
                                                                                   in front of me 
                                           listens to music             swings
                        her arms

with no real tree

real me in monkey gunk
   pith stunk up in this zoo bunk
      call it who dunk
      Podunk flunkey and donut
             woof woof
      i pad my honkey hoof tonk
bare teeth with no banana
    thelonious monkey monkery
   pray for our grinners
now until they cower for our death
               hey man
     our chunk breath and clunky
    cage sunk
   sink in my stink and swive swine
    i'm fine if i was
       a pig does punk poke
shoves another junk vein
 train after train car
     after faux funk
    we joke about it

An instructor in the Academic Bridge Program at Education City, Bob Marcacci lives in Doha, Qatar with his wife and son. A transplanted Californian, he has also taught English in China, Italy, Japan and the United States. His poetry has appeared in numerous online and print publications around the world. Aside from publishing his own e-books, which can be downloaded at http://marcacci.blogspot.com/, Bob has had chapbooks published by BlazeVOX, Dusie, Plan B Press and Unlikely 2.0.
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