Brad Liening

Pyongyang Square Dance

Ossify the submission process
And deal glue to the old.
Rancheros mum the loss
Of quadraphonic masquerades.

No teatime for the messes.
Long low benches slung into fuss.
Cardboard the exit for homes
Sloughing into celestial dust.

Dirty money for the masses.
Quasi-kickback by horses
Into drunken skuzzy faces
Made angry by inter-bank

Lending rifts, fossils indicating
A few early jags of happy whiz.

World Building

Torpid river sloughing
To grimmer weather.
Brutally so.

A boring news report
Everyone ignores.
Heat, guns.

The military in some
Faraway fucked up land
Loses and reasserts and

Loses control.
Imminent ontological
Collapse at the Laugh Shack.

Speck seeds into grape
Seed into grape.
It’s death still

Not yet halfway
To the swelling
University of my eye,

Reaching, pushing.
Punch my face. Make
A living gut out of me.

Brad Liening is the author of Ghosts and Doppelgängers (Lowbrow 2011) and several chapbooks. He helps edit InDigest Magazine.
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