Christopher Brownsword

               for Gertrude Stein


Drift congruence from network
replaced there other and this had data structure
is flux or path invoked by hive made
               host shell flame, the fresh snow a unit.
To scroll back on the prism
on a driving line will fall deep
and for that already into yet
                              to end had never or would
be. Softened, the given
were expected, did hatch serve of losing; retrieves
to assemble as only by ease went
               forwards to growing and tilted where
                                             vestigial wings await the knife.


               Are that with by dusk
                              under gilded was around me, falls here
                                             like sand-fire where more able so have
through each we lie down together now
                              tangled hair is loose and fibres grown
sensitive as her vulva moistens. The jade sky
                              drifts at screen up lattice: she points towards
                                             the sunset across black water when we enter
the fields, our bodies fissured with shadows;
                              naked among dune-grass is to light of her,
the far angle by which this branches
                              undulating she is of than scent.
Did the span was grown slowly and
                              or never drifts at tongue but towards warm
shoots enclosing via candle are that
               glows to arc though her around me at
                              trembling. As flesh on known why all yet
                                                                           did and if was to it either than
                                             shall fill with light along each of sunset
under pollen slants through the air:
                              our bodies entwined. By about extend
                                             until from bodies twined only distant other
gathering in flesh. Lilies break from her wrists.
                              The jade sky framed with wings - beyond this
the dune-grass is fragrant, shoots enclosing. We had not
                              by which undulate about from
                              candle I breathe flame-gilded on that where in
                                             brocade more fragrant, gathered through each
river swirling slowly among the mossy dust
               of temple walls. Dusk falls in columns. Her dark
                                                                           swirling do screen into elsewhere
                                             between distance are clear air scented.

Christopher Brownsword was born in Sheffield, England in the early 1980s. His first collection of poetry, Icarus was Right!, was published by Shearsman Books in 2010.

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