Marilyn R. Rosenberg

Collage segments from the TAKE IT section of THREE BLIND MICE


A one of a kind artists’ bookwork in 3 bookwork sections.

FALL OFF feels like the collision of city streets, with images of the full moon.

TAKE IT — Standing it is like the collisions of city streets, the inside of rooms and boxes. There is reflective Mylar and strong color and collage of saved scrapes of paper. There are printed papers with added color, and fragments of color copy. Many fold outs and punched holes are added to this purchased book of pages with grids. Collage, ink, old remnants of papers, watercolor, pencils and gouache make the bright bold fold outs.

SO AS tells of growing in a haze, the inside of rooms and boxes and also open fields, city twilight, fog and mist. The fold outs, full of rain and wind, are interfolding, the process of the infolding of conceptual ideas with symbols, allegory, content/themes, and form. All sections are merging, while interacting with the viewer/reader.

EACH of the 3 parts is one of a kind created in 2008. Each when closed is 5 3/4”h x 3 3/4”w x 3/4”, BUT the size changes when each of the artists’ books is open and unfolded and each is different from the other. All fold up for storage.

Fragments from many scans of parts of the TAKE IT section of THREE BLIND MICE were cut, rearranged, and pasted together in the computer, to become fragment amalgams, these four computer collages.

Marilyn R. Rosenberg's latest artists' bookworks and chapbooks include NOISE, Redfoxpress, Ireland, March 2012; The Book of Soles (Souls), in collaboration with C. Mehrl Bennett, Luna Bisonte Prods, USA, 2011; this is visual poetry, chapbook publisher, USA, 2010; etceteras, Luna Bisonte Prods, USA, 2010; & RED, Otoliths, Australia, 2008.

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